System-level requirements of DC-DC converters for dynamic power supplies of power amplifiers

B. Sahu, G.A. Rincon-Mora
Proceedings. IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on ASIC,  
The energy efficiency of battery-operated portable applications can be improved by increasing the efficiency of power amplifiers (PAs). By dynamically changing the supply voltage from the fixed battery supply using a DC-DC converter, the PA can be operated with high efficiency during power back-off. This paper presents the system level requirements for a buck converter and other blocks in a dynamic power supply scheme for PA. Simulation results for the effects of ripple in the power supply of
more » ... e PA and delay mismatch using behavioral models of constituent blocks and circuit-level PA have been presented.
doi:10.1109/apasic.2002.1031554 fatcat:zfzk443yyvh4bmfzvuhssvrfnm