Recent Progress in Biochar-Based Photocatalysts for Wastewater Treatment: Synthesis, Mechanisms, and Applications

Cui, Zhang, Li, Cui, Ren, Yu
2020 Applied Sciences  
Biochar (BC) is a carbon-rich material produced from pyrolysis of biomass. In addition to its low toxicity, environmental compatibility, and low cost, BC has the desired advantages of well-developed mesoporous structure and abundant surface functional groups. In recent years, BC-based photocatalysts (BCPs) have played a significant role in many environmental fields. In this paper, we highlight the current progress and several exciting results of BCPs by focusing on their synthesis,
more » ... hesis, characterization, mechanisms, and applications in wastewater treatment. Details on various preparation methods include sol–gel, hydrothermal/solvothermal, ultrasound, calcination, and in situ methods are summarized and discussed. The underlying mechanisms and the applications of BCPs for different semiconductors are reviewed. Furthermore, some future trends and potentials are outlined.
doi:10.3390/app10031019 fatcat:5tgwz2w2b5go5eerf262keb6eq