Survey the composition and distribution of fungi species in the natural reserve Wetland Lung Ngoc Hoang, Vietnam

2017 Journal of Advances in Technology and Engineering Research  
The study was conducted at the natural reserve wetland, named Lung Ngoc Hoang, from August to December, 2015 to build the database on the current status of distribution and diversity of fungi groups. The results provide useful information to assess the biodiversity at Lung Ngoc Hoang and build a list of fungi species. In addition, species distribution, frequency and diversity index were assessed. The study results showed that 63 species have identi ied, belonging to 42 genera, 27 families, 12
more » ... ders, 6 classes, and 2 phyla. In which, Basidiomycota phylum dominated with 98.97%, while Ascomycota phylum accounted for 1.03% in total. Besides, Agaricomycetes class prevailed with 93%, followed by the class Basidiomycetes with 86.67%. In 12 orders, Agaricales was the most dominant, followed by the Polyporales and the Auriculariales. Moreover, Polyporaceae family occupied the highest percentage of 83.33% with the most dominance of genus Pycnoporus. In 63 fungi species, species Pycnoporus sanguineus had the highest diversity with 23 individuals collected, accounting for 7.87% in total. This species was dominant with 43.33% frequency of appearance. Besides, there were 18 species that were found rarely with the proportion of 1.67% in total. These species had the lowest frequency of appearance, having 0.70% compared to other identi ied species.
doi:10.20474/jater-3.1.4 fatcat:dk5pfclgw5bhbfmskyy5pvohku