International seminar on Nanoscience and Technology-conference proceedings

S Avila, A Rajesh
2016 unpublished
Single crystals of semiorganic nonlinear optical material of L-Alanine sodium nitrate (LASN) have been successfully grown by Slow Evaporation solution growth Technique. Cell parameters of the grown crystal was identified using single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis and found that the material crystallizes in orthorhombic crystal system with space group of P2 1 2 1 2 1. The presence of functional groups and the spectral properties were assessed by FTIR analysis. Optical transparency of the
more » ... wn crystals was investigated by UV-Vis-NIR spectrum. Second harmonic generation efficiency of the grown crystal have been measured by Kurtz and Perry technique and it was found to be 2.8 times greater than that of KDP. Third order nonlinear optical susceptibility was identified using z-scan technique. The encouraging results show that the L-Alanine sodium nitrate crystals have potential application in optical devices.