West coast tourists and tourist resources

V Smith
1977 Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania  
Most tourists visit the West Coas t for Tasmania circuit. They are attl'acted activity. In 1974 tourists spent area over half of this total beln.g spent in QueenstovJTI� °tou:ti st:-� generates an extra thirty-nine cents in local. income, with the greatest trlCTGHSeS in local income resulting from tourist labour-intensive , 10c3.11y owned and supplied bus iness establishlnertts. to an al t.erllati ve economic base to mining unless local attitudes and government assistance cha.nge sign ificantly.
doi:10.26749/rstpp.111.1.147 fatcat:vbzba2kmzzdylbg6njr5r2dqsm