International Symposium on HYDROACOUSTICS AND ULTRASONICS EAA Symposium (formerly 13 th FASE Symposium) System for Bottom Typing with Geographical Context Mapping

Gdańsk -Jurata, M Moszyński, A Partyka, A Stepnowski
The paper presents a system of bottom classification with geographieal context mapping. It combines two previously developed subsystems, viz.: EchoBase-a portable dynamie Geographical Information System and Visual Bottom Typer (VBT) System. A newly developed version of the system was supplemented with interprocess cornmunications mechanisms which allow transfer of data from one system to the other. These two software packages can run concurrently in multitasking. The MS Windows operating
more » ... ment provides a mapping possibility of a classified sea bed type with an on-line geographicaJ visualization on the nautical map. Both systems were presented separately in previous Symposiums' proceedings [1],[2].