Radosław WARCHOŁ, Marcin NITA, Piotr PRASUŁA
2015 Journal of Science of the Gen Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military Academy of Land Forces  
INTRODUCTION Intense warfare which took place within the Polish territory resulted in an enormous amount of military munitions left in the ground. This situation poses a threat of an easy access to munitions by the bystanders. From the view of national security, access to munitions by unauthorized persons entails risk of explosives being extracted from Abstract: The article presents methods for the evaluation and testing of munitions of military origin carried out at the investigative stage in
more » ... stigative stage in the Research and Testing Department of Explosive Ordnance of the Military Institute of Armament Technology (MIAT) in Zielonka. MIAT, due to the profile of activity, qualified personnel and laboratory facilities often receives orders for ammunition expertise, including military origin ammunition of the various services responsible for State security. The article cited laws related to illegal possession of ammunition and explosives, defined the concept of preparatory proceedings and expertise and provided the definitions of ammunition and explosives. The article describes the differences in expertise carried out on ammunition in police laboratories and in MIAT. Furthermore, it provides a diagram with stages of MIAT expertise on military origin ammunition. On the basis of the specified proceedings, answers are obtained to the questions. Test methods have been described on the basis of faulty examples of executed expertise. For law enforcement authorities the results provide knowledge, as to the validity of charges relating to offenses.
doi:10.5604/17318157.1179660 fatcat:zqfmwphxmncvlkmvghqk4ssn4m