Биологические особенности редиса (Raphanus sativus L.) при выращивании в условиях интенсивной светокультуры

А.Б. Курина, А.М. Артемьева, Н.Г. Синявина, А.А. Кочетов, Г.Г. Панова
2019 №1 (2018)  
The present study describes biological features of small radish (Raphanus sativus L.) grown under the intense light culture conditions. Results, obtained using regulated system, demonstrated high variability of reaction to intense light conditions among the varieties of small radish. Amplitude of variability of the main morphological, phenological traits and productivity depending on variety type, was assessed. Samples of small radish, which can be potential sources of economic-valuable traits
more » ... ic-valuable traits for future breeding (such as resistance to bolting under the intense light culture, compact rosette, high productivity and marketability) were identified.
doi:10.25630/pav.2019.68.78.004 fatcat:m7jg2sgqk5ewrlvr53vd7spfe4