Temporal variation in juvenile fish communities of Kaunas reservoir littoral zone, Lithuania

Valdemaras Žiliukas, Vida Žiliukienė, Rimantas Repečka
2012 Open Life Sciences  
AbstractThe aim of this study was to assess juvenile fish communities in terms of species composition, fish diversity and density in the littoral zone of the Kaunas reservoir before (in 1989–1990, period I) and after (in 1999–2000, period II, and in 2006–2007, period III) launching the Kruonis hydroelectric pumped plant (Kruonis HPP). During the whole research period, 20 fish species were caught. According to the frequency of occurrence, the three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus,
more » ... eus aculeatus, European perch Perca fluviatilis and roach Rutilus rutilus were regarded as constant species in all investigated periods. Significant differences were established in juvenile fish community density between period I and periods II and III, whereas species richness (S) and species diversity indices (H′, J′) did not change significantly. The density of the shoreline community in period III was more than two times lower than in period I, probably due to higher fluctuations in water level of the reservoir, resulting from the Kruonis HPP operation.
doi:10.2478/s11535-012-0080-x fatcat:bjpb27v2enhllkgantupbidawi