Effect of Dietary Soybean Protein Level on the Plasma Homocysteine Concentration in Rats

Hiroshi OKAWA, Tatsuya MORITA, Kimio SUGIYAMA
2008 Bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry  
There was an inverse correlation between the plasma homocysteine concentration and dietary protein level or protein intake when a soybean protein isolate (SPI) was used as a protein source for rats. The hepatic cystathionine -synthase activity increased in response to the dietary SPI level. The results suggest that a high-protein diet might be an effective means to lower the plasma homocysteine concentration, probably through enhancement of the homocysteine-metabolizing activity.
doi:10.1271/bbb.70797 pmid:18540092 fatcat:m4gil3wke5funi63oakjjvlhje