Synthesis of BaFe12O19 by Oxi-Coprecipitation from Hydrochloric Steel Pickling Liquors

R. Latorre, J. Dufour, J. García, E. M. Alcalá, C. Negro, F. López-Mateos
1997 Journal de Physique IV : Proceedings  
Absh?tct. The steel pickling liqoour is fornlwl hvI-ICl. washing \v;~tcrii~~d : I high col11c111 of I:e(ll). This liquor is mixed with a Ba(ll) solution in a sto~cliiometric rate to produce a precursor powder to ohlain lii~l.c,?( )". l11 all ci~bcs \\,c obtained a ~l~ixture of BaFe1201, and a-Fe20p The q~~alitative and quantitative analyses wen: madc by XRD and the magnellc prol>crtlcs \\:ere measured hy VSM technique. We will report the relation between tlie osi-coprecipilation process
more » ... ion process conditions and the rn:t$~~ctic propertics and Ihe role of NaCl during the calcination step. NaCl was fomied from dissolutiol~ in the oxi-eoprccipitatio~i process. NaCI originates structural defects in the powder so, the solid state reaction. during the calcinalion process. is i~npro\,ed. An excess oCNaCl tlidn't i~icressc the magnetic properties and promoted by-products formntion. so the FeBa rate is stoicho~netric hut calcined products hsd lo\\ Inagncllc ~rropcllies.
doi:10.1051/jp4:1997123 fatcat:toq7smuq5nbh5phxsdbqrezhue