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1848 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
89 The Eastern Counties' steam carriage weighs 22 ewt., and carries 7 passengers, weight 10~ cwt. ; about 2 ewt. of dead load to I ewt. of available load. This is about equivalent to the old stage-coach, in proportion of materials, at quadrupled speed. But if, at a future time, 3 tons of dead load will carry 4~ tons of available load, that will be the proportion of I ewt. of dead load to 1~ cwt. of available load. It is not possible that principles of so great importance should be suffered to
more » ... e in abeyance; and we think that the Directors of the Eastern Counties' Railway have sho~vn great elcar-sightedness in sanctioning their engineer, Mr. Samuel, in so important an experiment. We foresee numerous purposes to which these steam-carriages may be applied, and shall be much surprised if the Post-office do not grapple at once with so cheap a means of rapid transit: and we shall also be surprised if it does not induce the Directors to institute inquiries and experiments as to what amount of power is actually generated in their engines, for the purpose of overcoming their ouru friction. The result of this novel vehicle is most creditable to all the parties concerned. We believe that Mr. Samuel was the original propounder of it, for the Eastern Counties' Railway; and, when sanctioned by the Directors, the working drawings were made, under his superintendence, by his then assistant, Mr. Reynolds. It was constructed by Messrs. Adams, of the Fairfield Works, and we shall be glad to witness the launching of the second of its class fton~the same establishment.--Railway Record, Oct. 30th. London Mech. Mug. AMERICAN PATENTS.
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