DevOps with Modern Software Development

2020 International journal of soft computing and engineering  
: DevOps is the form of software engineering practices for software used to have better collaboration among teams and help deliver the business product in a timely manner and meet the business requirements. The growing demands from the customers and the competition among similar products give rise to better principles in DevOps than ever before. There exists current trend in industry to adopt cloud based solutions as compared to other solutions. This gives rise to certain evolution in the way
more » ... vOps is done in industry. This main purpose of this paper is to address the changes in the way DevOps is carried in industry and the scope of it due to evolving industry needs and newer emerging tools. The paper is structured in to provide an introduction to modern DevOps and the necessity of adoption of DevOps, DevOps applied in SDLC phases, tool concerning DevOps, Evolution of DevOps in modern software development and conclusion.
doi:10.35940/ijsce.f3404.059620 fatcat:dwh7jfcrv5gfvglhxtjf7xo7au