Design and Implementation of a Large Scale Tree-Based QR Decomposition Using a 3D Virtual Systolic Array and a Lightweight Runtime

Ichitaro Yamazaki, Jakub Kurzak, Piotr Luszczek, Jack Dongarra
2014 Parallel Processing Letters  
A systolic array provides an alternative computing paradigm to the von Neuman architecture. Though its hardware implementation has failed as a paradigm to design integrated circuits in the past, we are now discovering that the systolic array as a software virtualization layer can lead to an extremely scalable execution paradigm. To demonstrate this scalability, in this paper, we design and implement a 3D virtual systolic array to compute a tile QR decomposition of a tall-and-skinny dense
more » ... Our implementation is based on a state-of-the-art algorithm that factorizes a panel based on a tree-reduction. Using a runtime developed as a part of the Parallel Ultra Light Systolic Array Runtime (PULSAR) project, we demonstrate on a Cray-XT5 machine how our virtual systolic array can be mapped to a large-scale machine and obtain excellent parallel performance. This is an important contribution since such a QR decomposition is used, for example, to compute a least squares solution of an overdetermined system, which arises in many scientific and engineering problems.
doi:10.1142/s0129626414420043 fatcat:tug2bdpfnnd5fcei4qmz2nqdye