Ferrous ions containing layered double hydroxides (LDH) nanosheet for drug delivery and antibacterial treatment [thesis]

Hao Zhang
Micro/nanoscaled particles represent a group of intelligent materials that can precisely and rapidly respond to biological microenvironments and improve therapeutic outcomes. In order to maximize biomedical application potentials, developing nanoscale particles that are able to catalyse in-situ substrates to address the biological problems is highly desired but still remains a critical challenge. Herein, a 2D nanosheet-based catalytic nanoparticles with enzyme mimicking behaviour is developed
more » ... r enhanced drug delivery toward the tumour microenvironment as well as the antibacterial treatment. The nanoparticles are constructed via a facile one-pot method and exhibit ultrathin monolayer nanosheet morphology and could be further attaching drugs as cargo to fulfil the drug delivery task. The 2D structure of the LDHs allows high catalytic activity, leading to a responsive, sustained, and relatively high amount of substrate transformation. Herein, in this thesis, H2O2 was used as the model substrate to demonstrate the nanoparticles catalyzing ability, as well as the potential applications. The Ferrous ion-containing LDHs was tested for different medicinal purposes, tumour targeting drug deliveries and antibacterial treatment
doi:10.26190/unsworks/22681 fatcat:r3c4khgz35gujkgpuijticxmem