JASP for Audit: Bayesian Tools for the Auditing Practice [post]

Koen Derks, Jacques de Swart, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Jan Wille, ruud wetzels
2019 unpublished
Statistical theory lies at the core of many auditing guidelines and procedures. Consequently, an auditor needs easy-to-use software that implements the required statistical analyses as well as sufficient knowledge to interpret the results of these analyses. We introduce JASP for Audit (JfA), an open-source and free-of-charge module for JASP built to support the statistical aspects of an audit. Next to the frequentist methods that currently dominate the audit practice, JfA incorporates Bayesian
more » ... ounterparts of these methods that can improve the quality and efficiency of an audit. These Bayesian methods allow auditors to utilize the advantages of knowledge updating by accurately incorporating prior information. JfA is designed with the auditor in mind. This means that the interface is user-friendly, and directly relates to audit processes and International Standards on Auditing. JfA helps the auditor in interpreting, explaining, and reporting the analyses and leaves a transparent audit trail. In sum, JfA performs all the required statistical heavy lifting and enables auditors to plan, evaluate and interpret their statistical analysis in terms of auditing standards and using state-of-the-art Bayesian and classical techniques.
doi:10.31234/osf.io/9f6ub fatcat:saghpt727bajzh226eb3fln4ny