Article history: Received 22.08

Elena-Nicoleta Bordea, Angelo Pellegrini
2015 unpublished
Unemployment represents a stress factor which together with other individual characteristics, such as the coping type, affects the professional reinsertion in a negative way. The objective of our paper is to evaluate whether the professional reinsertion of the unemployed people is influenced by the type of coping. We conducted a survey with 208 respondents (102 men and 106 women), aged between 20 and 65 years, from the urban area, being unemployed, selected using the method of simple random
more » ... f simple random sampling. A cross-sectional survey was performed using the following research instruments: a psychiatric interview and the Brief COPE scale. Our results show that 59.2% from the unemployed people with coping focused on issue were hired in 6 months, while the unemployed people with coping focused on emotion were hired in a percentage of 32,2%. The unemployed people with avoiding coping had the lowest hiring degree (10%). We conclude that the persons who have coping focused on issue are reintegrated faster than those with coping focused on emotion and those with avoiding coping.