Elastography acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI): an investigation of ocular elasticity in dogs with chronic secondary glaucoma

2021 Turk veterinerlik ve hayvancilik dergisi  
The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the elasticity of the optic 18 nerve (ON) and retinal-choroid-sclera complex (RCSC) in dogs with healthy eyes and 19 secondary glaucoma using ARFI elastography. ARFI elastography was performed on 20 normal eyes (n = 25) and affected by glaucoma (n = 25). The mean values of shear wave 21 velocity (SWV) of the ON and RCSC were compared between groups by the Student's t-22 test. The correlation between elastography measurements of the ON and RCSC and the 23
doi:10.3906/vet-2005-86 fatcat:oqwmsvoqejh5jl2wtut4cjkjsm