Transmit diversity for frequency selective channels in UMTS-TDD

U. Ringel, R. Irmer, G. Fettweis
IEEE Seventh International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications,  
Multipath propagation and fading are typical characteristics of wireless communication channels. Simultaneously, they are also the most limiting factors for high speed data rates. This paper investigates the performance of systems using multiple transmit antennas (MISO -multiple input single output) in frequency-selective channels, which combat fading and exploit multipath propagation. The system considered in this paper is UMTS-TDD. The investigations focus on different antenna configurations
more » ... nna configurations and on correlated propagation channels. The impact of Doppler-spread due to the velocity of the mobile user is considered. The problem of asymmetrical data-rates on up-and downlink is addressed.
doi:10.1109/isssta.2002.1049370 fatcat:z5nwmc3innckxkteuivqk5gjia