Animal and public health implications of gastric colonization of cats by Helicobacter-like organisms

G Otto, S H Hazell, J G Fox, C R Howlett, J C Murphy, J L O'Rourke, A Lee
1994 Journal of Clinical Microbiology  
The bacterial genus Helicobacter contains a number of species which colonize the gastric mucosa of mammals. Natural and/or experimental gastric pathology has been correlated with colonization in humans and a wide variety of animal species. Historical reports in the literature suggest that a high percentage of cats are colonized by large, spiral, gastric helicobacter-like organisms (GHLOs). One of these bacteria (Helicobacter felis) has been isolated on artificial media and has experimentally
more » ... sed gastritis in gnotobiotic dogs. This study surveyed the prevalence of helicobacter colonization in random-source cats by using the urease assay. Histologic examination was performed to determine the degree of associated pathology present. GHLOs associated with chronic gastritis were present in 70%o of the juvenile and 97% of the adult cats studied. Although further study is needed to determine specifically what role GHLOs play in feline gastrointestinal
doi:10.1128/jcm.32.4.1043-1049.1994 fatcat:jxcwpgreibf57ng4gdx6eu32hm