Concept of simulacra of virtual-online culture of informational society: conceptual survey of postemodernists

Mykola Kyrychenko
2018 Gumanìtarnij Vìsnik Zaporìzʹkoï Deržavnoï Inženernoï Akademìï  
The urgency of the research is that the simulacra of the virtual-online culture of the information society and the conditions for its formation are analyzed. The term "simulacrum" by J. Baudrillard is related to the virtual-online culture of the information society, because a person uses substitutes, copies of things, and not their originals. Setting objectives. This problem is caused by the fact that today the personality is formed in an artificially created virtual world that distorts the
more » ... onality and forms its torn and inappropriate image. This type of society as a virtual-online one needs its interpretation and analysis of a new conceptual-categorical apparatus. Analysis of recent research and publications. These are works by J. Baudrillard "Simulacra and simulations" (1981), as well as R. Simmel, R. Bart, R. Deborah, G. Bataille, G. Lacan, M. McLuhan, M. Foucault, G. Deleuzae, J. Derrida.The questions of the philosophy of postmodernism and the theory of simulacra of J. Baudrillard are considered in the works of such researchers: A. and others. The question of the simulacrum is considered by J. Baudrillard in a number of works: "Symbolic Exchange and Death", "Seduction", "Simulacra and Simulation", "Transparency of Evil" and others.The selection of unexplored parts of the general problem is the conceptualization of the concept of "simulacrum" and its discovery in the virtual-online information society. The basis of the research is the conceptualization of the basic patterns of simulacra and the virtual-online culture of the information society, which is a scientific novelty. Setting the objective -the usage of approaches, in particular, structural-synergistic and practical synergetic methodology that makes it possible to analyze the simulacra of postmodern as complex constuctions. Presenting main material. The analysis of formation and development of online-virtual culture of personality which uses simulacra; the definition of "simulacrum" is presented; an analysis was made of the fact that the game constituent has become a dominant component of the modern virtual world, and the game itself became a marker of the postmodern society with the performing "I"-game in the middle; the definition of "online virtual culture" is given in the context of which "I" is implemented; the network society is shown as a new type of culture (subculture) of virtual reality. Conclusions -the simulacra of the virtual-online culture of the information society in the conceptual survey of postmodernists has been formed.
doi:10.30839/2072-7941.2018.143882 fatcat:uwnpnpo6bzbhboat3i6uexv5gq