Official Statistics In a Modern Society

2010 Revista Română de Statistică  
The modern democratic society cannot efficiently and rigorously function in the absence of a solid basis of relevant and reliable statistical data, allowing for an easy and user-friendly access. Representing a "public good", in the contemporary society, the official statistical information is meant to serve the whole society, under the conditions of maximum transparency, impartiality and equal treatment of all the categories of data users.Official statistics should adapt itself to the changes
more » ... lf to the changes taking place in the modern society and should comply with its increased demands for high quality information. On its turn, it imposes to both national and global statistical systems major tasks of structural changes in the activity of producing and disseminating official statistics, as well as in the communication with its partners from the informational fl ow upstream, but particularly from its downstream – these being the target recipients of statistical data.The article presents the vision on the official statistics role, functions and tasks in the modern society, as against the major challenges regarding the transformation of statistical information into knowledge, the promotion of statistical literacy and culture, ensuring the usefulness and the large scale use of statistical data.
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