David Copp
2005 Social Philosophy and Policy  
In this essay, I propose a standard of practical rationality and a grounding for the standard that rests on the idea of autonomous agency. This grounding is intended to explain the "normativity" of the standard. The basic idea is this: To be autonomous is to be self-governing. To be rational is at least in part to be self-governing; it is to do well in governing oneself. I argue that a person's values are aspects of her identity—of her "self-esteem identity"—in a way that most of her ends are
more » ... t, and that it therefore is plausible to view action governed by one's values as self-governed. This is also plausible on independent grounds. Given this, I say, rational agents comply with a standard—the "values standard"—that requires them to serve their values, and to seek what they need in order to continue to be able to serve their values.
doi:10.1017/s0265052505052076 fatcat:k4fagxg7kbb5bcmgt2k5v7b564