Estimation of Ice Thickness of the Satopanth Glacier, Central Himalaya Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Aditya Mishra, B. D. S. Negi, Argha Banerjee, H. C. Nainwal, R. Shankar
2018 Current Science  
Total volume of stored ice in the Himalayan glaciers is an important quantity for water resource management of the Himalayan catchments. However, direct measurement of glacier-ice thickness is rare in the Indian Himalaya. We have estimated the ice thickness of the debris-covered Satopanth Glacier (SPG) using a ground penetrating radar (GPR). Multiple bistatic, unshielded antennae with frequencies of 16, 20, 40 and 80 MHz were used for this purpose. We have done GPR surveys at various locations
more » ... ver the ablation zone of SPG. However, satisfactory results were obtained only on two transects. Near the glacier snout, a transverse GPR profile shows an ice thickness of 38  3.5-50  3.5 m. We have obtained 98  7-112  7 m ice thickness at a longitudinal transect in the upper ablation zone. To measure the speed of the radar waves in ice, a common midpoint survey was carried out. Our results for the speed of the electromagnetic waves are slightly lower than the standard values of such waves through pure ice.
doi:10.18520/cs/v114/i04/785-791 fatcat:mofiugd7vrgypjlgksf6k2ryhi