Production and development of tomato crisps from tomato pomace

Natcharee Jirukkakul
Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology   unpublished
The production of a crispy snack, made from tomato pomace, is not only a way to increase nutrition, but it can also increase the value of the by-products from the tomato industry. Therefore, the objectives of this research were to produce a tomato crisp and to develop it to be a spicy tomato crisp and a tomato crisp that could be used in cereals. Tomato pomace, derived from 2 tomato sauce factories in Nong Khai, Thailand, was used to prepare the tomato crisps. The results showed that spicy
more » ... o crisps had higher consumer acceptance than the original tomato crisps and the sesame tomato crisps. The source of the tomato pomace was not significantly different in any of the treatments. The chemical composition of the tomato crisp with the highest acceptance showed 8.58, 4.36, 2.14, 12.72, and 46.48 % for protein, fat, fiber, ash, and carbohydrate, respectively. The lightness, the red color, and the yellow color were 51.55, 13.68 and 27.50, respectively. The brittleness and crispiness of that sample were 1.248 mm and 13.03 N/mm, respectively.