Characterization of Municipal, Construction and Demolition Wastes for Energy Production Through Gasification - A Case Study for a Portuguese Waste Management Company [chapter]

Octávio Alves, Jeysa Passos, Paulo Brito, Margarida Gonçalves, Eliseu Monteiro
2018 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering  
Gasification of wastes is considered a promising alternative for energy generation due to its lower environmental impacts when compared with conventional landfilling and incineration. Valorisation of such wastes improves sustainability of resource management and of energy production. However, an appropriate characterisation of wastes in terms of physical and chemical properties is essential for the prediction of their behaviour during gasification, allowing to identify possible problems for the
more » ... le problems for the environment and installed equipment and also to define which materials present a greater energy potential. This study aimed to characterise 10 different fractions from municipal, construction and demolition wastes received in different fluxes by a Portuguese waste management company. These fractions included wood (44.83 wt%), plastic (22.15 wt%), paper/card (0.04 wt%), mixtures of paper and plastic (14.67 wt%) and sewage sludge (18.31 wt%). For this purpose, determination of density, proximate and ultimate analysis, higher heating value (HHV), thermogravimetric profiles and inorganic composition of ashes were performed for each fraction. Analysis revealed that plastics and their mixtures with paper/card possess the highest HHV's (25-45 MJ/kg db), thus exhibiting a greater capacity for energy production. High levels of ashes found in dried sewage sludge (50 wt % db) indicate that a lot of by-product will be generated after gasification, possibly increasing the treatment costs. A gasification unit operating at 50 kg/h and admitting a mixture of all these wastes would generate 109.7 kW of total power, having capacity to receive more waste fluxes along the year.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-91334-6_84 fatcat:rgqfy47yrnewpnhgjgutbe7sme