Intercomparison of platinum resistance thermometers between -190 degrees and 445 degrees C

H.J. Hoge, F.G. Brickwedde
1942 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
Eight platinum resistance thermometers satisfying the requirements of the International Temperature Scale were calibrated on the International scale and intercompared from -190° to 445° C. The o's of the Callendar-Van Dusen equations for seven of these thermometers ranged from 1.49375 to 1.49862. The {) for the eighth'jthermometer,IE, was 1.51155. After minimizing the effects of relative calibration errors, the maximum difference between the readin~s of the group of seven thermometers was 7
more » ... idegrees between -190° and 0 C and 1.3 millidegrees between 0° and 100° C. Maximum differences from the mean were 4.0 and 0'8 millidegree, respectively. For thermometer E, deviations from the mean of the other seven were 15 millidegrees at -110° C and 3 millidegrees at + 50° C. Tables of differences between readings of platinum resistan ce thermometers arising from assumed calibration errors at the fixed points were calculated and are included.
doi:10.6028/jres.028.007 fatcat:chgjacu3hfcmvlon6ufp3rvnc4