Serum markers of liver fibrogenesis, and liver histology findings in patients with chronic liver diseases

J Holoman, J Glasa, S Galbavy, D Danis, A Molnarova, J Kazar, A Bednarova, J Misianik
2002 Bratislava Medical Journal  
Investigation of the relationships between the grade and stage of chronic liver diseases irrespective of their etiology using some novel serum markers of liver fibrogenesis, the "classical" serum markers of liver necro-inflammatory injury (such as transaminases), and the histomorphological evaluation of liver biopsies. Markers of liver fibrogenesis: serum metalloproteinase 1 (MMP-1), tissue inhibitor of MMP-1 (TIMP-1), and N-terminal propeptide of the procollagen III (PIIINP); "liver function
more » ... ; "liver function tests" (LFTs): bilirubin, transaminases ALT, AST; ALP, GMT; and liver morphology findings: necro-inflammatory activity, fibrosis; were studied in the series of 32, 'naive', i.e. yet untreated patients (women/men--11/21) with various CLDs: chronic viral hepatitis B or C 13 (CHB 3, CHC 10), non-alcoholic steatohepatitis 9, liver steatosis 4, primary biliary cirrhosis 5, drug-induced hepatitis. The diagnoses were based on the clinical, laboratory and liver imaging (ultrasonography) findings and confirmed by the liver biopsy. Investigation of liver fibrogenesis serum markers (PIIINP, MMP-1, TIMP-1) in patients with various CLDs has shown statistically significant correlations of these parameters with "classical" serum markers of liver necro-inflammation (ALT, AST) and the results of histomorphological evaluation of the necro-inflammatory activity (parameters NAI, MEF) and fibrosis (parameter FI) in liver biopsies. (Tab. 4, Ref. 31.)
pmid:12061024 fatcat:qh6gtzvzajc33cviww5pwemafa