New Scientific Contribution on the 2-D Subdomain Technique in Cartesian Coordinates: Taking into Account of Iron Parts [post]

Frédéric Dubas, Kamel Boughrara
2016 unpublished
The most significant assumptions in the subdomain technique (i.e., based on the formal resolution of Maxwell's equations applied in subdomain) is defined by: “The iron parts (i.e., the teeth and the back-iron) are considered to be infinitely permeable so that the saturation effect is neglected”. In this paper, the author presents a new scientific contribution on improving of this method in two-dimensional (2-D) and in Cartesian coordinates by focusing on the consideration of iron.
more » ... e subdomains connection is carried out in the two directions (i.e., x- and y-edges). The improvement was performed by solving magnetostatic Maxwell's equations for an air- or iron-core coil supplied by a direct current. To evaluate the efficacy of the proposed technique, the magnetic flux density distributions have been compared with those obtained by the 2-D finite-element analysis (FEA). The semi-analytical results are in quite satisfying agreement with those obtained by the 2-D FEA, considering both amplitude and waveform.
doi:10.20944/preprints201609.0106.v1 fatcat:tyr6pwgbzrfczlqxunoi6ck6am