A New Wheel Design for Miniaturized Terrain Adaptive Robot
험지 주행용 소형 로봇을 위한 바퀴의 설계

Yoo Seok Kim, Haan Kim, Gwang Pil Jung, Seong Han Kim, Kyu Jin Cho, Chong Nam Chu
2013 Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering  
Small mobile robots which use round wheels are suitable for driving on a flat surface, but it cannot climb the obstacle whose height is greater than the radius of wheels. As an alternative, legged-wheels have been proposed by many researchers due to its better climbing performance. However, driving and climbing performances have a trade-off relationship so that their driving performance should be sacrificed. In this study, in order to achieve both driving and climbing performances, a new
more » ... ances, a new transformable wheel was developed. The developed transformable wheel can have a round shape on a flat surface and change its shape into legged-wheel when it makes a contact with an obstacle. For design of the transformable wheel, the performance of leggedwheel was analyzed with respect to the number and curvature of the leg, and then the new transformable wheel was designed based on the analysis. Contrary to the existing transformable wheels that contain additional actuators for the transformation, the developed transformable wheel can be unfolded without any additional actuator. In this study, in order to validate the transformable wheel, a simple robot platform was fabricated. Consequently, it climbed the obstacle whose height is 2.6 times greater than the wheel radius.
doi:10.7736/kspe.2013.30.1.32 fatcat:vkfs2uclzzckdk47b4e2dljnca