Human Oscicular Chain Articulations: Asymmetric Sound Transmission

Luis Miguel Ramirez Aristeguieta, Luis Ernesto Ballesteros Acuña
2010 International Journal of Morphology  
The mechanism for conducting acoustic energy via middle ear oscicles is still a controversial topic and will remain so until consensus is reached regarding whether it amplifies or reduces sound transmission. 22 paired human temporal bone blocks and 1 left block were studied. Digital measurements were taken of the tympanic membrane, oscicular articulations and the oval window; the results were then correlated. A relationship of non-lineal areas was found amongst the structures being studied,
more » ... esting a sound transmission relationship combining both sound reduction and amplification. A complex relationship of levers could be observed originating in an oscicular and articular asymmetric relationship suggesting an amplifying function in initial sound transmission and also a final reducer destination for such conduction.
doi:10.4067/s0717-95022010000400012 fatcat:t5d4qec2z5axfefkau3b3iovqy