Military Notes

1909 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
View related articles I 648 MILITARY NOTES. Italy. Torpedo Ezpaviments UQaiaSt the Francebco Yoro&i."-To test the actual reault of. tmpedo 6re against B battleship, the Italian Navy hee been making experimentti with the 11,OOO-ton btrttIeship Franceseo Morosini, which has bean L t d y struck ouf of the active lid. Advantage was ale0 to be taken of the experiment to teat some new theorim as to the k t method of construction of a vemel'~ underweter framing and arrangement of compartments in order
more » ... to k t m i s t torpedo attack. The at.tack wae to be made by a standard torpedo with a normal charge, and the explosion was fo be effected, 88 far aa pamible, under the usual conditions of an ordinary hit. A frame cradle was sttached t o the vessel to oarry the torpedo, which w w placed at right anglee t o the line of keel, and with its nose touching the v d . The regulation type and quantity of explmive were adopted, and the raservoir chamber of the torpedo was filled with mmpreeeed air of the preeaure that would theoretically remain after a run of normal length. The depth below the waterline was three metres. The effect of the explosion above water was not more than had been expected, but it wae very evident that oonaiderable damage had been done t o the vssel's hull, a8 she quietly took a list and, swerving over on her side, went to the bottom, where ehe still remaine, while every dey she settlesstill more. An examination of the demage has been mde aa far a.5 possible by difeni, and it a p p r s that there is B hole of w e r fifty square metres in area, which is considerably more than had b n expected. It is considered that the result of this esperiment will be the building by Italy of a new type of ves4e1, very swift and with a mein armament consisting of torpedoes, torpedo t u b being fitted in a very much larger quantity then in any existing reasel.-Army and X a v y Journal. MILITAIiY N 0 TES . The following are the prinoipal appointmenb which hare Lieut.-General Sir C. Tucker, G.C.V.O., K.C.B., t0.b Colonel of the Cheshire Regiment. Colonel-W-D o u g h , C.B., D.S.O., to oommsnd of 14th Infantry Brigade (5th Divieion, Ireland). Indian drmy.-Major-GenerabA. L. Playfair, Indian Army, to be Colonel of the 97th Deccen,Infantrp; Sir D. Haig, K.C.V.O., C.B; Chief o f the Stsff in Indie, t o have tempomry rank as Lieut.-General while so employed; B. T. hhhon, C.B., D.S.O., to o o m d of 8th (Lucknow) Dirisian. Home. -&:-Regimental Distinctions.-Army, Orders (3rd Xovembex) state that the King hse' approved of awexd of. the undermentioned hmuJrarj dietinctions to be borne on the CoIwrs, or appointments, of the following regiments ;-Royal sogta (Lothian €&jgiment)-€XavaMah: B u 5 (Eest . Kent Regiment)-Gdaloup, 1759. King's own ( R q a l Lanoester Regiment)-Guadaloupe, 1759; St. Luck, 1778. Downloaded by [University of Bath] at 20:14 19 June 2016 MILITARY SOTES. '649 Home. Xorthumberbnd Fusiliers-St. Luek, 2778. Rqd Werwickshire R e g i m b M a r t i n i q u e , 1594. Norfolk Regirnent-Havannah ; Martinique, 1794. l h t Yorkshire RegimendMartinique, 1762, 1794; H~v P M A ; Bt. Laicaterehire Regiment-Martinique, 1762; Haranah. Royal Goote Fueiliere-Martinique, 1794. Cheshire Regiment-Martinique, 1762; Harmnsh. Royal Inniskitling FusiliowMartinique, 1762 ; Harannah ; St. Gbucdernhire RegimendGuadebupe, 1759; Hartinique, 17G2, Eest Surrey Regiment-Mertiaique, 1794. Duke of Cornwall's L.1.-St. Lucia, 1778. Border R e g i m e n L H s v a n a h ; St. Lucia, 1778. Royal Sumex IlegimandMertinique, 1761; H n v p n n a h ; St. Irucie, South Staffordshire R e g i m e n t -G d h u p e , 1768; Martinique, 1762. Doreetdbire R e g i m e n t h r t i n i q u e , 1794. Prince of \\'nl4s'a V o l u n t~~m (South Lanoeshire Regimeut)-Marti-Welah Rqgiment-Blsrtinique, 1762. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)-Cuedeloupe, 1759 ; Martinique, Osfordshiro end Buckinghiwnshiro L.1.-firtinique, 1762, 1794 ; Emer Regiment-Havsnnah. Northamptonshire lZ+=gimendMartiniqrie, 1761, 1794 ; Harannah. Princem Charlotte of Wdts's (Royal Berkahire Regiment)-St. Liicia, King'n Royal Rifle Corpe-Martinique, 1762 ; Hevannah. Manchester Repjment-Guednloupe, 1759. Prince of WnIcs'R (North Staffoord$lire RRgiment)-Cluedaloupe, 1739 ; York and Lmncnster RegimendGueddoupe, 1759 ; %rtiniqiie, 1794. Hi6 Majmty hoa also epprmed o f tbe additiom o f tbe &tes dated below to t h e honorary distinctiana enumerated (which ere d r d y borne on t h e colours or appointmeate of the regirnente mcerned), in order to indicate for what pnrticular operatione thew dietinctions have been granted :-Lucia, 1778. Luck, 1778. ~s v a n n e h ; 6t. Luck, 1778. 1778. nique, 17f5d; Hevannah; St. Luck, 1178. 1762; Hevannah. Haven nalr . 1778. Martinique, 1794. Rq-nl S c o t~ (Lothian Regiment)-St. Luck, 1803. Royal Fusiliers (City o f Looldon Regiment)-Msrtinique, 1809. King's (Livcrpool Regimant)-Martinique, 1809. Prince Akcrt's (%mersetshire L.I.)-%fartinique, 180% East Yorhhiro Regiment-Mmrtinique,
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