Complete genome sequencing and comparative genome characterization of the lignocellulosic biomass degrading bacterium Pseudomonas stutzeri MP4687 from cattle rumen

Maulik Patel, Hiral M. Patel, Nasim Vohra, Sanjay Dave
2020 Biotechnology Reports  
We report the complete genome sequencing of novel Pseudomonas stutzeri strain MP4687 isolated from cattle rumen. Various strains of P. stutzeri have been reported from different environmental samples including oil-contaminated sites, crop roots, air, and human clinical samples, but not from rumen samples, which is being reported here for the first time. The genome of P. stutzeri MP4687 has a single replicon, 4.75 Mb chromosome and a G + C content of 63.45%. The genome encodes for 4,790 protein
more » ... oding genes including 164 CAZymes and 345 carbohydrate processing genes. The isolate MP4687 harbors LCB hydrolyzing potential through endoglucanase (4.5 U/mL), xylanase (3.1 U/mL), β-glucosidase (3.3 U/mL) and β-xylosidase (1.9 U/mL) activities. The pangenome analysis further revealed that MP4687 has a very high number of unique genes (>2100) compared to other P. stutzeri genomes, which might have an important role in rumen functioning.
doi:10.1016/j.btre.2020.e00530 pmid:32983925 pmcid:PMC7498857 fatcat:syznfqacrrfy3ni6zzgc2vbkwy