Automated Histological Analysis System for Quantifying Microstructural Damage Accumulation to the Annulus Fibrosus

Ibrahim Ben Daya, Mamiko Noguchi, Jack P. Callaghan, Alexander Wong
2016 Journal of Computational Vision and Imaging Systems  
In this paper, we proposed an automated histological analysis systemfor quantifying microstructural damage accumulation to the annulusfibrosus. This system takes in a digital histology image anduses Gaussian mixture model based segmentation, followed byconnected components analysis to extract and label possible clefts.The image is then refined through spatial and size constraints. Finally,the required statistics for quantifying microstructural damageare calculated.
doi:10.15353/vsnl.v2i1.100 fatcat:iawayh4eebbdxkbdmvglifelka