The effect of hypoxia on photocytotoxicity of TICS tricarbocyanine dye in vitro

Y P Istomin, E N Alexandrova, E A Zhavrid, E S Voropay, M P Samtsov, K N Kaplevsky, A P Lugovsky, A A Lugovsky
2006 Experimental oncology  
To evaluate the effect of cell oxygenation on photocytotoxicity of a novel tricarbocyanine indolenine dye covalently bound to glucose (TICS). HeLa cells were incubated with 5 microM TICS, 2 h later irradiated by laser at 740 nm with a light dose of 10 J/cm(2), delivered at a power density of 10, 20, 25 or 30 mW/cm(2), in air or in argon atmosphere, and then scored for viability. The photocytotoxicity of TICS increased dramatically as the power density was reduced. Under hypoxia
more » ... ia TICS-photosensitized cell death was determined but its value was lowered, compared to photoirradiation in the air. Photosensitizing effect of TICS is only partially dependent on the oxygenation of tumor cells.
pmid:16614714 fatcat:vf4ncwiuejf5zj4vs2kcnnlvde