Kommunikative Musikdidaktik in reflexionslogischer Rekonstruktion: Zur Relevanz der 'Dezentrierung des Individuums' für die Fundierung inklusiven Musikunterrichts [article]

Stefan Orgass
This paper tries to contribute to the philosophical basis of inclusive music education from the perspective of the Communicative Didactics of Music (Kommunikative Musikdidaktik; KMD). It focuses on the opportunities and problems which occur in high-school music lessons attended by students with cognitive disabilities in the reflective and verbal dimensions of dealing with music. The problems have to do with the goal of higher education entrance qualification – a goal which has to be maintained.
more » ... (Other forms of inclusion still await investigation.) The pedagogical basis of the KMD provided by Klaus Schaller's Pedagogy of Communication (Pädagogik der Kommunikation; PdK) is interpreted in the light of inclusive aspects; the necessity to complement the PdK by thematizing forms of substitution is considered. A differentiation between integrative and inclusive phases of music lessons is suggested. Within the latter, a non-egological concept of school performance (quite the opposite of performance according to possessive individualism) can be brought to bear. It complies with the primordial sociality focused on by the PdK and the KMD. The decentralization of the individual underlying this concept can be an important facet of desirable societal circumstances – an anticipation that should be realized in music lessons. (DIPF/Orig.)
doi:10.25656/01:20727 fatcat:jfbudzvlz5dbzajprfep2gte4q