Realistic compact stars in conformal teleparallel gravity

G G L Nashed, Kazuharu Bamba
2022 Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics  
We explore an interior solution of a physically symmetric vierbein with two unknown functions in conformal teleparallel gravity. The field equations can be described in a closed system for a particular form of the metric potentials and an appropriate anisotropic function. As a result, we find a new set of configurations consistent with observed pulsars. In particular, the boundary conditions for the interior spacetime are used for the Schwarzschild spacetime to constrain the conformal field
more » ... with a unit value through the surface of a compact object. Furthermore, we apply the present model to the pulsar 4U1608 − 52 with approximated radius R = 9.52 ± 0.15 km and mass M = 1.74 ± 0.14 M⊚. To analyze the stability, we also study the causality conditions and the adiabatic index by assuming the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkov equation, adiabatic index and the static state. Moreover, the consistency of the model under consideration with other pulsars is investigated.
doi:10.1093/ptep/ptac121 fatcat:jmi6yngqzffgzelixvsdt7lmmy