Infective Endocarditis [chapter]

2005 Heart Disease Diagnosis and Therapy  
SEVERITY C: mental confusion U: blood urea > 7 mmol/l (patient 20.8 mmol/l) R: respiratory rate ≥ 30 breaths in min B: systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg or (patient BP -80/40) diastolic blood pressure ≤ 60 mmHg 65: age ≥ 65 years Mild pneumonia: score of 0-1 (mortality1.5%) Moderate pneumonia: score of 2 (9%) Severe pneumonia: score of 3-5 (22%) COMPLETE DIAGNOSIS of our patient is: Main: Acute infectious endocarditis of IV drug users, culture -negative, rightsided, primary affection of
more » ... d valve, target organs (heart, lungs) Complications: Congestive Heart Failure with preserved left ventricular pump function (ejection fraction = 60%), III C functional class by NYHA Community-acquired 2-sided pneumonia, moderate. RF II stage. Hypochromic anemia 3 rd stage Concomitant disease: Chronic C hepatitis with minimal activity.
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