Classical Swine Fever in Japan : Past and Current Situations

Hiroshi AOKI
2019 Journal of Veterinary Epidemiology  
In September 2018, classical swine fever (CSF) occurred in a pig farm in Japan for the first time in 26 years. Outbreaks unfortunately still continued at pig farms, and the epidemic has expanded to several prefectures. Furthermore, wild boar involvement has made is difficult to control inhibitory the spread of CSF. Most of the CSF that occurred in Japan in the past showed the acute virulent type, but the current CSF in Japan is the so-called "mild type", which has already known worldwide. The
more » ... wn worldwide. The current CSF that emerged while "diversification of CSF" has begun to be recognized internationally is different from the CSF that Japan had experienced in the past. 年の発生から約 26 年,2007 年の豚コレラ(CSF) 清浄化宣言から約 11 年経った 2018 年 9 月に岐阜県の養豚 場で CSF が発生した。その後も県内の養豚場で発生が続 き,愛知県へと続いてその範囲は感染豚の移動を含め 1 府 4 県に拡大した。また,CSF の拡大に野生イノシシが関与 し, その防疫・流行阻止を難しくしている。 「CSF の多様化」 が国際的にも認識されはじめていたなかで発生した今般の CSF は,かつて日本が経験した CSF とも様相が異なる。
doi:10.2743/jve.23.91 fatcat:upk5toj3ajda3fu4a234sdqzly