Effect of capillin foliar spray on productivity and quality of sugar beet varieties

Mohamed Mubarak, Deaa Abd El Rahman
2020 Scientific Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
Capillin produced from Artemisia monosperma family Asteraceae. Capillin has strong antifungal activity, an d it is possibly antitumor. Capillin exhibits cytotoxic activity and causes apoptosis of certain tumor cells. The aim o f t h e investigation is to study the effect of Capillin foliar spray on productivity and quality of sugar beet varieties under stress of salinity and lack of chemical fertilizers.In these trials no urea, no hormones no pesticides, no fungicides were u s ed . More long
more » ... s ed . More long shelf life of vegetables and fruits because plants treated with capillin are organic. The experimental design was split-plot in (RCBD) with four replications. The main plots were devoted to varieties, whereas Capillin levels treatments were in sub-plots. The performance of four sugar beet varieties (cv s.); Samba, Pleno, Poly belga and Gloria was studied to estimate sugar yield and quality under the four Capillin levels . The effect of Capillin levels was significant. Samba variety at 500 ppm Capillin level had the h ig h est s ugar extraction as well as sugar yield/fed. Using Capillin attained high productivity, ratio of sucrose productivity achieved up to 239 %.
doi:10.21608/sjas.2020.29967.1023 fatcat:7peo6bvexjbinhxlvpya4noj7a