Morphological characterisation and diagnostics of Xiphinema non-americanum group species (Nematoda: Longidoridae) from Romania using mutiplex PCR

M. Groza, S. Lazarova, C. Costache, F. Luca, I. Rosca, E. Fanelli, V. Peneva
2013 Helminthologia  
Additional data on the occurrence and distribution of Xiphinema non-americanum group species in Romania are provided. Xiphinema diversicaudatum, X. index, X. vuittenezi and X. italiae were recovered from vineyards and cherry fruit trees; adults and juvenile stages were described and analysed and the morphology/variability discussed. Multiplex PCR diagnostic test using species-specific primers designed by Wang et al. (2003) yielded amplification products with expected lengths for all screened
more » ... for all screened populations of these four species. Two ribosomal markers (D2-D3 28 LSU rDNA and ITS) were sequenced and ITS RFLP patterns were obtained from two X. vuittenezi populations, which have shown some morphological differences. Comparatively low level of interpopulation genetic dissimilarity (<1 %) was revealed for both markers (for D2D3 — 0.5 %; for ITS — 0.7 %). Both populations of X. vuittenezi studied produced identical ITS-RFLP specific pattern that clearly identify this species.
doi:10.2478/s11687-013-0133-3 fatcat:ljrt253zkjh5netu72nfky3hre