603 IoT in Health Care

S Ramanamurthy, V Karthika, K Hyndhavi, K Ganga, S Ramanamurthy, Dean -Cse, V Karthika, K Hyndhavi, K Ganga
2017 unpublished
Using Internet of things (IOT),we can bring a revolution in Healthcare system.This paper describes how IOT can be utilized to change the world in terms of Healthcare.The objective of our paper is to demonstrate how internet of things (IOT) is transforming healthcare. The applications of IOT are nowhere essential in transforming lives of peoplethan in healthcare. IOT refers to physical devices (weight scale, thermometer), wearables, user's vital monitoring devices (glucose, blood pressure, heart
more » ... ood pressure, heart rate and activity monitoring etc.) that connect to the internet and transforms information from the physical world into thedigital world. Using IOT,doctors can actually monitor everything about patient's health status remotely.This technology is useful to each individual in leading a sophisticated, healthy lifeby just being connected to internet. The main theme of our paper is to illustrate the use of IOT in healthcare and set the direction for future.