Ice Shelf Studies off Northern Ellesmere Island, Spring 1983

Martin O. Jeffries
1985 Arctic  
ln spring 1983 work on the ice shelves of northern Ellesmere lsland was continued. A total of 55 m of 7.6 cm diameter ice core was obtained from 10 locations. The longest core of 31.79 m is composed of iced-firn and basement ice and can be divided into three distinct strata according to ice salinity. Oscillating strains in Ward Hunt Ice Shelf were measured with a wire strainmeter. It is suggested that the periodic calving of ice from Ward Hunt Ice Shelf might be related to the effects of the
more » ... h frequency oscillation of 35s to 40s. Ice conditions along 150 km of coastline continue to change. Continued monitoring of the ice shelves and landfast ice is believed to be necessary in view of the offshore development in the Beaufort Sea. ICE OF NORTHERN ELLESMERE ISLAND 175 FIG . 2. MaD of the north coast of Ellesmere Island and the area of study: Ward Hunt Ice Shelf to Milne Ice Shelf, with the location of ice cores and snow pits. Ice cores WH/Ol to WH/07 were drilled in spring 1982 (Jeffries, 1982):
doi:10.14430/arctic2130 fatcat:c33tkjrewrgiflmc3vf7cfxl4e