Foot Trajectory Planning and Optimization Simulation of Low Foot-Terrain Impact by Quadruped Robot Based on the Trot Gait

Ma Hui-shu
2018 Journal Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
In this essay, I design a bionic quadruped robot driven by a large torque electric cylinder, and establish a kinematics model of it by coordinate transformation. Then I analyze the phase relationship between the one-legged wobble and the supporting phase. For the Trot gait of bionics quadruped robot, an improved algorithm of foot trajectory planning with low force and low energy consumption is proposed. In the gait planning, with the help of kinematic inverse kinematics, the joint function of
more » ... e leg is solved and the control function of the telescoping capacity of the electric cylinder is deduced by geometric relationship. In MATLAB environment, I simulate and analyze the gait and energy consumption, and carry out the servo control of each leg of the experimental prototype to realize the walking of Trot gait robot with bionic quadruped robot. The simulation results show that the trajectory planning can achieve the continuous and steady walking of the bionic quadruped robot driven by the electric cylinder. Moreover, the trajectory of the foot is smooth, the torso is small, which proves the effectiveness and rationality of the method.
doi:10.11648/j.jeee.20180601.15 fatcat:mbwuyq76bnfznbk5f7uv4wut4u