A temperature dependent correction to the model for microwave excess emissivity of the ocean due to surface winds

J. Giampaolo, C.S. Ruf
IEEE 1999 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. IGARSS'99 (Cat. No.99CH36293)  
Coincident measurements of ocean surface windspeed, temperature, and microwave emissivity reveal a clear dependence of the slope of the emissivity versus windspeed on the temperature. Water at higher tempertures has a greater increase in emissivity per unit wind speed. This temperature dependence is a residual result of the dependence of the specular ocean surface emissivity on temperature. As the temperature increases, specular microwave emissivity decreases. Since wind roughening and foam
more » ... hening and foam increase the emissivity, the increase with respect to the specular baseline is proportionately larger at higher temperatures.
doi:10.1109/igarss.1999.775112 fatcat:4z7qvwhcf5hihp7iame6glrqle