Photo-controllable nitric oxide releasers and biological applications

Hidehiko Nakagawa
2016 Drug Delivery System  
光制御による一酸化窒素投与と生体機能評価 Photo-controllable nitric oxide releasers and biological applications Nitric oxide (NO) is now recognized as an endogenous signaling molecule involved in various physiological events such as vasodilation. Since NO is a gaseous molecule and has a short halflife due to high chemical reactivity under ambient conditions, NO itself is practically hard to be handled in biological systems. So, NO chemical donors which release NO under physiological conditions are now indispensable
more » ... e now indispensable chemical tools in NO biological research. Especially, "caged" NO, which releases NO in response to photoirradiation, are advantageous in NO treatment with spatiotemporal control. We have been developed caged NOs, which have unique photochemical reaction mechanisms for NO release, and adopted them to tissue and in vivo experiments. It was demonstrated that some are responsible for visible light and applicable cellular and tissue experiments, and others are responsible to near infrared pulse laser and applicable for in vivo experiments. 一酸化窒素 (NO) は、さまざまな生理機能を担うことが知られ、その作用はシグナル伝達系や酵素 活性によって細かく制御されている。一方、NO 自体は常温常圧でガス状の分子であり反応性が高く
doi:10.2745/dds.31.127 fatcat:zulu7i7i2zfibnsg3hpwtdhqwq