A study on management of learning of students in Higher Vocational Colleges based on the q broken windows effect q

Haiyan Zhen
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 the International Conference on Education Technology and Information Systems   unpublished
Along with the change of the college entrance examination system, the spring college entrance examination and the number of separate enrollment has expanded each year, Vocational colleges students increase in species ,and the quality of students is uneven. Vocational students in the study showed new features, based on the "broken windows effect" theoretical research, combined with new learning characteristics of students in vocational colleges' students, a management model of effective learning
more » ... of students in vocational colleges is proposed. The introduction of "Broken window " theory "Broken windows effect" is a theory of criminology, which is putted forward by James Wilson and George Keeling. "Broken windows effect" theory: When a window glass in a building was shattered but did not get it timely repaired, others may get some kind of hint and then break more glasses. This theory suggests that if let the negative phenomena in the environment go unchecked, them will tempt people to emulate, and even intensified. The core of this theory is that "the first piece of broken glass should be repaired in time, or the broken glass will start to appear". It can be found that : for bad atmosphere, bad behavior, if we do not control and then eliminate in a timely manner, which will induce the occurrence of more similar behavior, and finally make the management in a state of confusion, out of control. Knowledge Management refers to that through planning, organizing, leading, control and other means, using the method of management to make study procedural, streamlined and standardized, and create the best solutions so as to achieve the purpose of efficient learning. The theory and inspiration based on the "broken windows effect" theory is applied to the learning management for students in vocational colleges, which has an important practical significance. The new situation learning management of vocational college students face Along with the change of the college entrance examination system, college entrance examination from once a year to in addition to the traditional annual college entrance examination in June and increasing the spring college entrance and own entrance examination. From 2011, spring college entrance examination of Shandong province take the place of vocational exam in previous years, which is a unified entrance examination focus for secondary vocational school graduates, at the same time for high school graduates; mainly to help the vocational colleges to select qualified students. In the eyes of the students and parents in Shandong Spring, college entrance examination is just for the students who failed to pass the college entrance examination, rarely attended by good students. In 2012,about the spring college entrance examination in Shandong province, candidates from other provincial accounted for 70% above of graduate of average high school students attended it, which are mainly from the southern (Zhejiang, Yunnan, Kunming, etc.), and generally have a poor foundation. In nearly two years, the students who take separate entrance examination in higher vocational colleges of Shandong generally have poor results of basic courses, especially in math scores more than half of the students are below the pass line, what is worse, math scores of college entrance examination for some student is a digit. These students are even worse than secondary vocational school students' cultural foundation. Due to the emergence of this situation, learning behavior of students in vocational colleges during the past two
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