Analysis of a Deterministic Entangled Photon Pair Source using Single Photons [article]

Abhirup Goswami, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary, Christoph Simon
Quantum repeaters are the most promising approach for distributing entanglement over long distances. Recent approaches to develop quantum repeaters involve the use of deterministic entangled photon pair sources. On the other hand heralded entangled photon pair sources have been proposed independently both with parametric down conversion source and single photon sources. We modify the latter scheme to implement it as an on demand entangled photon pair source and analyse its performance
more » ... g inefficient detectors, inefficient quantum memories and inefficient single photon sources. We conclude that with the current state of art, generation of high fidelity deterministic entangled photon pairs is possible with moderate efficiency. We then compare the results to the deterministic entangled photon pair source obtainable using parametric down conversion source and conclude that the single photon scheme described in this thesis is more practical for such an implementation.
doi:10.11575/prism/24814 fatcat:omtesmpdqbfdjf65zoujxlcbja