Glueball Regge trajectories and the pomeron: a lattice study

Harvey B. Meyer, Michael J. Teper
2005 Physics Letters B  
We perform lattice calculations of the lightest J=0,2,4,6 glueball masses in the D=3+1 SU(3) gauge theory and extrapolate to the continuum limit. Assuming that these masses lie on linear Regge trajectories we find a leading glueball trajectory alpha(t)=0.93(24) + 0.28(2)alpha'_R t, where alpha'_R 0.9 GeV^-2 is the slope of the usual mesonic Regge trajectory. This glueball trajectory has an intercept and slope similar to that of the Pomeron trajectory. We contrast this with the situation in
more » ... e situation in D=2+1 where the leading glueball Regge trajectory is found to have too small an intercept to be important for high-energy cross-sections. We interpret the observed states and trajectories in terms of open and closed string models of glueballs. We discuss the large-N limit and perform an SU(8) calculation that hints at new states based on closed strings in higher representations.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2004.11.036 fatcat:anrvtwesyzdjxfcffvyezh5n6m