Abnormal Expansion of Cu-Sn Powder Compacts During Sintering

Hiroyasu Mitani
1962 Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals  
It is well known that an abnormal expansion appears in Cu-Sn compacts during sintering. In order to investigate the source of this phenomenon, the author carried out a dilatometric study on the kinetics of sintering for Cu-Sn compacts containing about 10% Sn powder and 0.5% Zn-stearate as lubricant. In this way absorbed gases in the liquid phase of the compact were discharged by rapid solifidication at the peritectic temperature during sintering, a great portion of the absorbed gases can be
more » ... ed gases can be estimated as H2 from the atmosphere controlling examination. In order to eliminate the abnormal expansion, slow heating, isothermal keeping just below the peritectic temperature and the reduction of the Sn-content in the compact are recommended. (
doi:10.2320/matertrans1960.3.244 fatcat:2odr2rvnxjeublisodwff673ri